Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Invalid Report File Path

Dear Friends, Last days I was very upset due to a minute problem which make my life hell, and when I discover its solutions I was amazed that how much easy it was to resolve.

I create a report in Visual Studio 2003 in The report display its results but when I give it command to print the document or to export the document then it shows me an error which says

"Invalid Report File Path"

I google on web alot and found a huge number of solutions too but neither work for me.

The solution was quite simple. I have written all the queries and codes in FormName_Activated() Method. I just cut the code from there and paste it to FormName_Load() Method.

And get the result which I want.

It now not only export the report but also print the report too.

Ohh..... GOD some times a minor problem becomes a huge one and have a very minute solution but only the problem is to discover it..............

I hope this will help you as well.

Wish you all the best......................

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