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Network Printers is not accessed

Some time network printers are not accessed from your computer. While they are accessed from other network clients.

Your computer is actually not accessing the network computer through which the printer is attached.

Access that remote computer first by following these steps:
1) Click on My Network Places Icon displayed on your desktop.
2) Double click on Entire Network Icon
3) Double click on Microsoft Windows Network Icon
4) Double Click on your network icon
5) Double click on that network computer withwhom printer is attached
6) Enter Username and password and press ok button

You can now access the printer which you were desired to access a few seconds ago.

USB Drive Icon not Show in My Computer

Some times our USB drive is loaded but its icon is not displayed? What to do in this case?

This problem occurs when your drive letters are conflicting. Windows does not show the message either it load the USB drive and the drive with the same letter also work fine.
Go to CONTROL PANEL -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management.
Inside it you can see your USB drive. Right click on it and choose "change drive letter and path" from the popup menu. In this you will see an edit button. Click on edit button. Change the drive letter and click ok button and exit from the menu.

You will see the drive in your My Computer and also in Windows Explorer now.


Overview Building your own Ethernet LAN (local area network) is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. Using features from your OS and some special hardware (including cables, NICs, a hub/router, and an Internet connection), you can easily, and quickly, build a nifty home network complete with Internet access and file-sharing capabilities. The necessary hardware is easily obtained, and reasonably priced, making an Ethernet LAN possible for anyone with multiple computers, and the need to network them.

General Information A clear understanding of a LAN, as well as its limitations, is very helpful when considering the structure of your Ethernet LAN. You’ll need to decide on the physical structure that is best-suited for your networking needs. Visit to read their definition of a LAN and information about LAN network technologies, hardware, and implementation strategies. General LAN information described in non-technical terms is available at the Web site http://en.wi…


1) Write on “D:\BACKUP” failed, status = 112. See the SQL Server error log for more details. BACKUP DATABASE is teminating abnormally.


This error occur where there is less memory on your harddisk partition where you want to place your backup. So remove / shift unnecessary Items/files/folders and then store the backup in that drive.

2) Some times Excel.exe automatically closed in a few seconds/minutes after loading? What to do then?


Just go to start  Run and type excel.exe /safe. It will work fine then.