Friday, October 19, 2012

ORA-38104: Columns referenced in the ON Clause cannot be updated

In my case, this error pertains to Oracle Merge query. After 30 minutes of time wastage and a lot of hunting on different forums, I come to know that where and why was my merge query throwing exception.

I was giving multiple criteria in ON clause of merge query, and was also trying to update a column which I have mentioned in ON clause. Once I remove that column from update clause of merge query, it executed successfully.

I hope that this will also works for you.

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uncaught TypeError: Property href of object is not a function

Dear Readers,

I face this problem in a web application build in .aspx. It mainly occurs when you are performing some action with javascripting or Jquery. In my case, I was using javascript. It was working fine in IE (Internet Explorer) but was unable to perform any action in chrome.

If you read subjected error message carefully, it tells you that you are accessing an object as function which is not a function at all.

In my case, I mistakenly access window.href as a function. for example, I wrote it as


which is wrong and that is why it was not functioning properly in chrome. The correct method is

window.href= '';

I hope that after reading my post, you will able to understand that where you are doing mistake and correct it.

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