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Purpose and Description of svchost.exe

File purpose and description:
svchost.exe is a program that would have arrived on your computer the day you purchased it. Always verify the exact disk location as shown below, since many spyware and virus writers attempt to fool you by using similiar or same names but locate the file in other folders. Svchost.exe is a program which is a critical windows program which monitors programs, manages dll's, and controls loading of system processes. You will find multiple occurances of this running. This will always be running and you cannot kill this task. This file is considered safe and is not spyware or virus related, however, make sure the file is not located at c:\svchost.exe, as many viruses and spyware programs have used this name to confuse you, and several viruses put this svchost name in your root directory which is not the proper location for this file. Also pay close attention that svchost is not spelled scvhost, as these are not the same but look so close its har…

Excel in Seperate Windows


When I want to open up several excel files, they all go into the same
application. Is there any way I can set my computer up so that when I
click to open a file, it opens in its own window on the bottom bar. I
want to be able to alt-tab between windows. Currently, I have to go
to Window/then the file. any thoughts>??



In Excel, Tools, Options, View, Checkbox for Windows in Taskbar.


another option is using the "ctrl+F6" key which switches between documents,it is meant for doing just what you want to do.


By Implementing httpruntime tag I solved a webservice problem. Problem was that a report was not displayed and show me a time out error. By implementing this problem was resolved.

<\httpRuntime> Element Configures ASP.NET HTTP runtime settings. This section can be declared at the machine, site, application, and subdirectory levels.<\configuration>
maxRequestLength="size in kbytes"
minFreeThreads="number of threads"
minFreeLocalRequestFreeThreads="number of threads"
appRequestQueueLimit="number of requests"
versionHeader="version string"/> Optional AttributesAttributeOptionDescriptionappRequestQueueLimitThe maximum number of requests that ASP.NET will queue for the application. When there are not enough free threads to process a request, the requests are queued. Incoming reque…