Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Invalid Report Source

The error message appears because the incorrect versions of the Crystal DLL files are referenced.

To correct this behavior reference the correct version of Crystal DLL files.

Adding the Correct References

1. Open the VS .NET project.

2. In the 'Solution Explorer' window, right-click the 'References' folder and choose the 'Add Reference' command. The 'Add Reference' window appears.

3. Verify the References for all Crystal DLLs are version 9.1.5000. If they are not version 9.1.5000, select the 9.1.5000 version DLLs and click the 'Select' button.

4. Click the 'OK' button.

5. Save and run your application.

If running the application you find the DLLs revert to the version observed prior to your updates, complete the following steps:

Reverting DLLs Back to Version 9.1.5000

1. Right-click the project name in the solution explorer and select the 'Properties' command. The 'Properties' window appears.

2. Under the 'Common Properties' folder, select 'References Path'. The 'Reference Path' window appears.

3. Delete all entries in this window and click 'OK'.

4. Repeat steps 2 through 4 of the 'Steps to Add the Correct References Section'.

Upon completing the listed steps, the application runs and reflects the correct References.

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